Yim Ung Kyun, tenor was born in seoul, in 1955. He started his music studying when he was sophomore at junior high school caused by high recommendation of his music teacher. His musical talent as a tenor was shine brilliantly when he took the top seat of his matriculation and graduation of Yonsei university. After he graduated university in 1979, he went Italy which is one of the principal music country and studied at Santa Cecilia Conservatorio in Roma, and graduated Osimo accademia.

Especially, when he was study at there, 'the newspaper of Milan' and 'the newspaper of Mantoba' reviewed him as a "natural gifted tenor who has the heroic voice."  Since he came back from Italy in 1985, he has had 1200 times of recitals which was an occurrence worth recording. Now, he became a one of the favorite singer in korea with those effort.

Also his activities about opera was prominent. He showed his high technique in [L'Elisir D'Amore], [Rigoletto], [Pagliacci], [Aida], [Otello], etc... Also operas that he played, always became a topic of conversation among critics and they reviewed him like "a singer who sings his combined voice with his acting,"  " the golden tenor," "the best tenor in Korea," "one of the best tenor in the world."

He is following the standard ways of Italian Bel canto vocalization that covers variety repertoire of music. Also, His techniques of 'dramatic' 'Lyric' and 'Mesa di voce' vocalization looks like has no competer at all.

Even media music was under his consideration. Therefore, he has recorded some arias and lyric songs for the insertion music of KBS's drama 'The winter wayfarer' and SBS's special creative drama 'Minul`.  Also, he won first prize in KBS broadcasting award caused by one of the favorite star of 'KBS open concert.' He has appeared some of TV programs such as, 'Ju byeongjin show,' 'Until to be a star,' 'TV carries love,' 'TV date,' 'Emotional surprise show,' 'The note of life,' and 'Seo sewon show,' to made people happy as an entertainer.

He won second prize in the international competition in Mantoba, special prize in the international competition in Biyoti, and final competer in the international competition in Verdi which was the first person among Korean.

He has had performance tour of 17 cities which was including Rome and Milan, and 16 cities which was including Frankfurt in German, Hiroshima in Japan, Hongkong, and New-york, Washington, L.A. in USA.

He is the current professor at the Korean National University of Arts in seoul, president of
the foundation for preventing youth violence.










   Corinthians 10:31
   So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.